We stand behind the quality of our product and workmanship

  • All Kapten Boat Collars, on boats up to 5 metres in length, come with a 24 month "replace or repair" manufacturer's warranty, which covers any faults of product material (Collar) and/or fixings supplied by Kapten.
    • Boats over 5m are not covered by warranty, but have Kapten's ongoing support.
    • Commercial boats are covered with a 6 month warranty.
    • If further hardware is needed etc, these are provided at retail price.
  • Any deviation from fitting instructions and materials supplied by Kapten Boat Collars, without prior consent and approval in writing from Kapten Boat Collars, may result in a voided Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • A claim about a faulty Collar that has been used, must provide evidence that the Collar was fitted to Kapten's guidelines and maintained correctly (via photos or with the boat brought to Kapten at Nambour).
  • Kapten will do all they can to repair a fault, including postage of additional hardware, emailing detailed instructions (if needed) & providing ongoing support.
  • Abiding by Fair Trading, the product must be beyond repair before replacement is granted.
  • If replacement is needed, any prior cost of fitting or postage is not covered by the replacement of the Collar. Only the Collar is replaced free of charge when covered by warranty.
    • The owner must pay for postage (if needed) prior to the replacement Collar being sent.
  • Boat owners are responsible for any damage caused to a boat or Kapten Boat Collar due to neglect of basic maintenance or reckless use of boat.

Kapten installed Collars;

  • Kapten Boat Collars that are fitted by Kapten (in Nambour, Queensland) have a 24 month "replace or repair" fitting warranty, which covers any faults caused by a lack of quality workmanship (such as a screw not reaching a plate).
  • It is the responsibility of the boat owner to return the boat to Nambour for repair.
  • If Collar is outside of warranty cover (including 5m+) labour is charged at $80/hr & any hardware etc used is provided at retail price.

Third party installation;

  • Owners that get their Kapten Boat Collars fitted by a third party are recommended to ask for a fitting warranty by the independent fitter.
  • Any 3rd party installer that Kapten recommends to customers are independent fitters and have not been trained by Kapten, unless otherwise stated.
    • These fitters are qualified professionals in the marine field with more than enough experience to understand the fitting requirements.
  • The boat owner is responsible for accepting a 3rd party to install their Collar.
  • If fitted by a 3rd party, and a fault occurs, the boat owner is welcome to call Kapten for advice, but is recommended to return to the fitter first, for them to either repair, replace or conduct maintenance.

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