For roof-toppers with Boat Collars - here's your questions answered.

Q.1 - Best boat shape?

Q.2 - Rear vs Side loaders?

Q.3 - Tie down methods? (coming soon)

Q.4 - Weight & sizes? (coming soon)

Question 1. - Do you recommend a certain BOAT SHAPE to suit the Collars?

Yes. The classic shaped boat is certainly the best. However, we can fit Collars to almost every boat shape there is, but may not be able to cover the entire side of the boat.

If the Collars don't go to the very nose of the boat, it's not a big deal for most roof-toppers, but if you're planning on the odd offshore trip, or semi-open waters (big lakes etc) where chop can get pretty big, a Classic shaped boat will provide a full length Collar which will give you lift at the bow and prevent nose-diving, wave piercing & keep maximum spray off you.

Classic shape. (The best!)

3.7m Quintrex Dart with a Kapten Boat Collar

Modern / swept-up chine.

359 Stacer Proline, with swept up chine design. The Max66 Collar has been custom shaped to suit, but must end a touch short.

V-nose / flat nose punts.

3.6m Horizon V-nose punt with Max-66 Collar.

Question 2. - LOADERS - Which is best?

Actually all loaders can handle the extra width that Collars provide etc, but some have added features that protect, make it easier to load, and easier to lock into position on the roof. Lets take a look at a few examples...

(No brands are discussed, just their function).


Rear-loader working smoothly to lift this Stacer Nomad onto the roof.

The rear loading system requires the boat to lay flat behind the 4WD, before being winched upwards onto the racks. The Collars don't interfere with the winching.

Collars don't contact the ground, or the racks.

Super easy with the winch. Just gotta make sure all the ropes etc are hooked into their correct spots before starting the winch.

3.7m Quintrex Explorer with Mini-33 Collar & Transom Foam, being lowered by rear loader.

SIDE LOADER - winched v's muscles

SIDE winch loader_s

Whether it's winched (left) or pushed (right), the boat must roll on its side and flipped onto the tracks/skids in order to slide up onto the roof in the correct position. To roll over, the boat rolls on the Collar. This doesn't hurt the Collar, but it will get scratched.

The boat on left, was fitted with a pair of BC Shields, which not only protect most of the side when rolled on, but also protects it when hauling up crab pots.

SIDE muscle loder

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