A Walker Bay PVC Tube Kit can be hard to get your hands on in Australia. Luckily, Kapten Boat Collar stabilisers work just as brilliantly on Walker Bays as other monohulls, and they have the added benefits of

#1. never deflating and

#2. being fitted at water-level, where stabilisers work hardest.

The price difference will make you smile, too.

Mini Collars are the size that suit Walker Bays.

For Walker Bays, Boat Collars are specially routered to fit the curved hull shape. They are installed at waterline level, which leaves the Walker Bay brand still visible to the eye and keeps your small boat extremely stable. Easy to install, as shown in photos above, and you never have to worry about "getting a flat."

Boat Collar colour: grey
Boat Collar colour: grey


Ask us about making your Walker Bay stable as a rock: 07 5441 3636