3.8m Stacer: “I’d take the tinny anywhere with the Collar on”

“Boat Collar is awesome. Exceeds expectation. At full-speed, I turned [the tiller] so hard, it’s all I could do to hang on, as the boat just stayed flat and cut brilliantly.”Chop turned to smooth on the way to Maroochy Mouth, and it was gusting to 41km/h at test time. Stable stationary and under way. Bow waves no problem at full tilt, both head-on and side-on. Shallow water navigation is better.”

“No spray in any direction. It also reduces the wind drift when the bimini is up by about 60%.

“No drop in speed with the solas (propellers) 10” pitch. Still sitting at just under 50km/h. No cavitation issues.

“Not a drop of water in the well. Gets on plane almost instant. No backwash from full speed to kill.”

Stacer 3.8 with transom foam

Transom foam for buoyancy to counteract the heavy outboard on Ben’s 3.8m Stacer

“You need a medal for coming up with this one. Can’t wait to surf it and push it even harder. I’d take the tinny anywhere with the Collar on.”

Ben W.
Sunshine Coast, QLD.
February 2016.
Factory fitted (Regular Collar along chine)

3.8m Stacer


  1. Jeff on March 15, 2018 at 10:57 am

    I purchased the boat collars for my 3.8 tinnie two years ago and fitted them myself which was very easy to do myself as i live in west australia and fitment from a third party was too much. I couldnt fit a larger boat in my driveway so had to stick with a 3.8 tinnie. The collars were shipped to my house packaged in cardboard. I am so impressed with this product and feel so safe on the water now.The boat is so different and rides better now.Its the best value for money ive spent .

    • Pat Jones on April 11, 2018 at 5:15 am

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Jeff. Great to hear of your boat’s improvement!
      Cheers, Pat.

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