3.9m Seasprite: “Extremely comfortable in any choppy sea”

Hi Pat,

Without a doubt your Boat Collar is one of the best, yet simple innovations that I have used in over 50 years on the ocean. My… 3.9m Seasprite has [been] made… virtually unsinkable… The ride has improved so much that we never get spray over us, and the cushion of air generated underneath makes it extremely comfortable in any choppy sea.

John and his 3.9m Seasprite, with Boat Collar

I weigh 180kg, and my son-in-law is 110kg. With both of us sitting on the same side, we tried in vain to tip it… I know friends who may well still be with us had… this been available years ago. Also… it floats your boat even when filled with water [meaning] that fishermen can stay inside their boat until rescue arrives.

John Stapleton.

P.S. If people want to talk to me about my collar, they can call me on 07) 49 38 27 13

(Retired professional fisherman, Mt Morgan)

Factory fitted
Feb 2011
3.9m Seasprite
Rockhampton, QLD

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