4m Sniper: “Now I can turn sharply on the plane”

“Before fitting the boat collar, our 4 metre Alloy boat was very unstable and any shift of weight of the center line or unbalanced weight would cause the boat to tilt down to the gunwale. Very Dangerous. It limited the amount of passengers we could take with us fishing and crabbing and if we did need to take anymore than 2 people it limited us in our movement around the boat. we almost came to grief a few times when 2 people stood on the same side of the boat as you nearly got tipped out.”

4m Sniper with Boat Collar

Andrew, on the gunwale of his 4m Sniper with Boat Collar

“I had concerns about how the boat would perform in the water and the increase drag to get it onto the plane. Those concerns were dismissed as soon as I got the boat moving.

“It got onto the plane as quick if not quicker than before but the huge difference was the handling of the boat. The ability to turn sharply was something that could never have been performed before the boat collar was installed, now I can turn sharply on the plane and not fear the fact that i would be ejected from the boat.

“I was instantly impressed by how this simple addition changed the whole boat’s performance and stability.”

“When i saw your billboard on the side of the Bruce Hwy, it was like a light bulb went off and I thought we needed that for our boat. After placing the order the parts arrived quickly with everything needed for installation. Actually there was more than enough. After viewing the You Tube clip many times, I was then comfortable to have a go at installing the collar. The first side went on real easy as I was by myself at the time. The template for drilling the holes was perfect and it went on without trouble. The other side fought me the whole way but managed to get it on with some assistance.

“My brother is coming up on the 25th November to do some fishing, and I am looking forward to being able to fish with him, as it is something that was impossible before.

“Thanks heaps for this simple invention.”


Nov 2016

4m Sniper, aluminium, centre console, with 40hp.

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