4.2m Brooker: “The comfort, stability and handling has improved dramatically”

“Dear Pat and Megan,

We have successfully installed the Boat Collar and took it out for a test run into St Georges Basin and believe it or not, I thought I was in a new boat.

The improvement to the handling exceeded my expectations, the comfort, stability and handling has improved dramatically.

We are now able to take the boat out in all conditions, with all fishing from the same side without feeling insecure and expecting to tilt if another boat creates a wash as they go by.

The level of interest from other boaties as we returned to shore was and is quite amazing, there is always some discussion about the Collar and why we installed it.

Thank you again for your invention and the pleasant and helpful manner you dealt with me, I am only too happy to recommend you and your product to others.

Yours truly,

Las F.

Self fitted Regular Collar
March 2013
4.2m Brooker
Bomaderry, NSW

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