4.8m Stacer capsized, but he can now say, “The stability of my boat is fantastic”

“My 4.8m boat is well designed with good high sides, but it still got swamped by a wave and capsized, despite the seas being relatively calm that day. [After my ordeal] I watched the website’s videos of Pat surfing his dinghy at Maroochydore bar, and I thought, ‘yep, I want my boat to be able to do that.'”

An avid fisherman, Andrew capsized his 4.8m Stacer in November 2010 off Teewah beach, Noosa. He was forced to spend 10 cold hours clinging to the bow of his upside down hull after his Epirb and flares sank. In the morning, he swam the four kilometres ashore, after several boats had missed him. His story made the paper, and he’s now he’s convinced that every boat needs level flotation. Official newspaper story: click here

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Andrew Taylor isn’t going to spend another night clinging to an upside down hull

“I never thought I had a stability problem with my tinnie – being 4.8m it’s not small – but with the Boat Collar fitted, it’s like I’ve got a different boat altogether. It feels even bigger. Compared to flotation that just sits under the floor and does nothing, the Collar works every time I’m on the water. Thanks to the Collar’s reverse chine, I’m no longer drenched by spray when I drive, my partner feels safer and more confident on the water, and now the boat shoots straight onto plane. Everything’s a plus. The stability of my boat is now fantastic. In the two years I’ve had it, I can’t fault it and highly recommend it to other boaties.”

Check the video page for the above photos in action, showing Andrew’s tight level turns at speed and getting onto plane faster.

Factory fitted in 2012
Andrew T. Noosa, QLD. 
4.8m Stacer.

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