4.2m commercial-use Allycraft: “A much safer and predictable ride”

Hello Pat. It is worth noting that [our] vessel is in survey for 5 people, one more than the boat compliance plate states. The boat has dramatically improved stability. In fact it is fair to say that from a stability perspective it is more like a tri hull and, as I have previously owned and extensively used one, that is not a claim made lightly.

Underway into a head sea the vessel has transformed to a point that is like a much bigger boat in terms of banging and traditional tinny behaviour in these types of conditions I can report that it is also transformed providing a much more comfortable ride that is unbelievably dry due to the design aspect of the boat collar.

club croc have a Boat Collar

club croc have a Boat Collar for their small commercial boat

In a large following sea the transformation is equally pronounced with the vessel maintaining a far more consistent running angle. Especially as you approach the backs of larger swells, the end result being that the bow shows no tendency to plough, but just lift. Thus providing a much safer and predictable ride, the upside being that fuel consumption is also reduced due to the fact that less boat needs to be pushed through the water.

As for dryness it is also remarkable and would exceed your claims.

In terms of speed we appear to have dropped a 1 to 2 knots of top speed but gained a slower planing speed very handy in rougher weather. There appears to be a lot of interest in the product especially when we dock at the public mooring facility at Shute Harbour…

I believe, in time, my boat will be more fuel efficient and is definitely so much more comfortable.

Kind regards,
Colin B.

Location-fitted on Long Island for Club Crocodile (price for this service on application)
12 July 2011
4.2m Allycraft for commercial use.
Long Island, QLD

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