“The Boat Collar has improved the performance of my fibreglass boat so much, it’s like a completely different boat. The stability is so good; it’s seriously like my dad’s 27 Hydrofeild tri-hull in the water.

“I wanted to test the Boat Collar, so I took the boat out on Port Phillip Bay, which gets dangerously choppy at times. Even when the chop was a good 2m, I was so impressed. The boat handled so well, I didn’t even think about the waves. I can take any waves, at any angle, no worries.

4.2m Cruisecraft Rouge (fibreglass).

4.2m Cruisecraft Rouge (fibreglass) with Kapten Boat Collar

“I’ve got some pretty heavy mates, and it could be scary when we’d all go out together. We couldn’t move around and two on one side would have tipped the boat over. But the other day, I had the two of us on one side. It was fantastic. We were so stable.

“It was pretty easy to fit, too, but being a fibreglass boat, it did take more adjustment and time. But I was pretty keen to get it.

“It’s amazing how some people think the Collar is just a bumper. At the boat ramp, someone said that to me, and I told them to get on their knees and look underneath at the shape the Collar now gives to the hull of my boat.  I told them how it works and how it’s improved the performance of my boat. A lot of people take photos too, so I hope your hear from some of them soon.

“Thanks again, Jake A.”


Jake self fitted a regular Collar and transom foam 
4.2m Cruisecraft Rouge (fibreglass). 
Dec 2013
Melbourne, VIC


  1. Stewart Gow on November 12, 2019 at 10:13 am

    Novice like me stand a chance to fit one on my Caribbean Safari 5.4m?

    • Belinda Jones on November 19, 2019 at 4:48 am

      Yeah Stewart, 70% self-fit, and your kit comes with step-by-step written instructions. We also send you private video links, so you can watch how it’s done. We’re here to help along the way. Any questions, give us a bell at 07 5441 3636 or drop us a line at info@boatcollar.com.au — Cheers, Belinda. 🙂

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