Located 40 mins north of the Sunshine Coast, and 5 mins north of Gympie, we're based in Chatsworth.

Boats are parked in a secure workshop overnight, and the gates to the property are locked.

  • Our installations come with a 24-month warranty on strength and quality of fitting (6-month warranty for commercial vessels).
  • A one-month partial refund/repair warranty exists for small cosmetic touch-ups that may slip past our quality control measures.
  • Allow 4 - 5 days minimum for the installation process.
  • Please empty your boat of all removable items, including tote (fuel) tanks, to provide a clear run at the sides & rear corners of the boat, as well as lifejackets, fishing gear (esp. crab pots) and all other valuable items.
  • Boats not on their own trailer (eg, rooftoppers & tenders) incur an extra $80 fee as we have to adjust our workshop trailer to suit your boat, which must be on a trailer to fit a Collar..
  • Any extra duties / longer time spent is charged at $100/hr + GST.
  • Fitting of Transom Foam: $80 (mini) - $100 (Slim & Max) +GST extra.
  • Pointed Bow shaping for tenders: $100 + GST extra.
  • Fitting of BC Shields (that require shaping) are $50-$100 + GST extra.

Fitting of Mini, Slim, or Max Collars are charged $550 (2.5m boat) - $1,200 + GST (5m boat), based on $100/hr + GST.


ORDER NOW: 0423 499 047.

For full information regarding Fitting Policy & Procedures, warranty & repair polies etc, please go to the warranty page, below button.