3 Steps to Maintain Your Collar




During the first month

Your Collar is settling into place. As it does, the screws will loosen due to a reduction in pressure on them. So, in the early days, before each use of your boat, nip up the screws, ensuring you don't over-tighten (can strip the thread off the screw).

Think "snug" and firm (see image, this section). If the rubber dome washer underneath the stainless washer becomes splayed out and misshaped, loosen off a touch until the rubber washer regains its shape.


Ongoing screw maintenance

Once your Collar has settled into position, it will only need periodical checks to see if screws need nipping-up.

Note: Failure to maintain your screws may void your warranty as it can cause subsequent damage to your Collar. The first sign that a screw is loose is a water leak.

In severe cases of neglect, the loose screws can elongate the holes in your boat &/or pull the screws from the plates.

A short routine check-up is worth the five minutes.

OPTIONAL: permanently fix the screws

Wait one month.
Internal screws: One at a time - remove screw and squeeze Sikaflex Marine in the hole, reinsert screw and tighten. Repeat. Leave to dry for 48 hours before using.

To permanently seal External plate screws, undo each screw, and [one at a time] squeeze half a pump (with cartridge gun) of Liquid Nails into the hole, coat the head of the screw with Tef-Gel (the same that comes in your Boat Collar pack) then re-insert and tighten until you see the same snug pressure on the Collar as before (5mm indented into Collar at most).

What your rubber washes should look like:
Note for Collars pre-2015

If your fixings are leaking, it may be from the black rubber washers breaking down. In 2015 we changed to nylon dome washers which have a much longer lifespan, are UV resistant and provide a fantastic water seal. They're the same washers used on corrugated tin rooves so are perfect for the job. If you need to replace your old washers, contact us for a maintenance pack.

Order a maintenance pack

Standard Maintenace Packs include; stainless steel screws, stainless steel washers, nylon dome washers, driver bit, 30g tube of Tef-Gel cream, and includes standard postage Australia wide.

Available sizes (12 gauge or 14 gauge), and in 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 lots. From $64 to $94 including GST & postage.

If you just require the new nylon, EPDM 13mm dome-head washers, or a 30g tube of the Tef-Gel anti-corrosive cream, or even a pair of Strap Protectors to keep your Collar going stronger for longer, give us a call, and we'll get you set up.

Screw and nylon washer coated in Tef-Gel for non-corrosive properties
Screw and nylon washer coated in Tef-Gel for non-corrosive properties
Tef-Gel: anti-corrosion cream for screws
Tef-Gel: anti-corrosion cream for screws
Alloy covers
Strap Protectors for Boat Collars


Collars bounce off concrete pylons without damage, but if they're covered in barnacles or oysters, use the fendering methods other boats do. Same goes for sharp rocks

Normal use of fishing hooks, gaffs, ropes and anchor chains won't damage your Collar, however anchors can penetrate under it if not given thought when pulled aboard.

BC Shields are the best protection, if you need to tie up to barnacle-covered pylons, if you're to drag the boat on rocks, or if you lift crab pots over the side often.

Sorry, but you'll have to stop doing this, when you have a KBC.
Sorry, but you'll have to stop doing this, when you have a KBC.


Collars are made from Tuff-tec foam that is treated with very good UV resistance, for extended lifespan. Still, there are steps you can take to make your Collar last even longer. Occasionally, Collars on boats that have been stored in the sun for extended periods can start to show signs of sun fatigue: a 2-5mm dry skin on the top face of the Collar.  The harder outer layer is unaffected.


  1. Paint the top of your Collar -- it acts like zinc cream on a nose. Instructions below.
  2. Shade your boat when not in use (a big tree, tarp, shed etc.). 
  3. Apply silicone spray (if not painted), which may help keep it from drying out.

Should you opt not to shade or paint and someday notice the flaky skin, just sand it down a couple mms with a hand-held sander to the supple foam underneath and moisturise with silicone spray. Warning - do not use silicone spray if you want to paint your Collar within a year.


Paint your whole Collar, for aesthetics.


Paint just the top, for increased lifespan.

Note: since Kapten Collars expand slightly when hot and shrink slightly when cold, small fissures will occur in painted coating over time. This is normal and not detrimental, but explains why it's important for the paint to be flexible.


Rub the Collar down well, with a cloth and generous amounts of Prepwash/ Prepsol to make the undercoat stick really well. Then set aside to dry 100%.


When 100% dry, apply 2 - 3 thin coats of chosen colour in semi-gloss/gloss "Dulux Weathershield Exterior," allowing to dry each time. 2 - 4 litres needed.

Other paints that are flexible, like Tred-Grip, is also very good. Tred-Grip is a rubberised, flexible paint that provides thicker coating (Note: contains sand).


Paint your cool, dry & shaded Collar with an undercoat of "Zinseer Bulls Eye 1-2-3 [Undercoat - Primer - Sealer]" (approx $75 for 3.75L).


Leave to "cure" for two to seven days (high humidity hinders curing) so it won't peel when used/bumped. Complete curing takes up to one month - avoid planning & hard pressure till then.

Painting your Collar will produce it's own need for maintenance. Painting your entire Collar will incur the most maintenance as it is bound to be scuffed and worn as it's on the outermost edges of the Collar. If you just paint the top, softer layers of the Collar, you'll have less maintenance as the harder, outer layer is left to take all the bruises, and not your paint work.

After sales service:


We are not just saying that! We're sill here after you've bought to support, so please feel free to phone with any questions!

If you've bought a secondhand boat with a Kapten Boat Collar on it, and you have questions, we're here to help you understand it.

If your boat's been in a car accident which has damaged your Collar, we have advice to help. It's probably repairable.

We want your safety product to last long after your warranty has ended, so call us about whatever: (07)5441 3636.