3.1m Horizon Pathfinder: “Planes much faster [now] and with less throttle”

“Hi Megan,
I finally put my new tinnie to use on Friday/Saturday. It is a whole new experience. It is like riding a tricycle. You just can’t lean into the corners anymore. The stability is excellent to say the least. The ride is very dry. It planes much faster and with less throttle. There is no backwash over the transom when backing off on the throttle quickly.

3.1m Horizon Pathfinder

A regular Boat Collar fitted to Ron’s 3.1m Horizon Pathfinder

Overall, I am very happy with the device so far. I will keep you posted as I get to use it some more.
Many thanks,
Ron B.

Factory fitted
April 2013
3.1 horizon pathfinder – brand new
Gold Coast, QLD

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