Cert. Level Flotation for Commercial Boats

Kapten Boat Collars and our fitting method have been approved by
marine surveyors, naval engineers, ship inspectors and naval architects.
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Need your boat raised to Level Flotation but don't know where to start?

We can help!

Putting a boat through survey can be a logistical nightmare.

However, we want to help you navigate this stressful time by taking most of the pressure off you.  We've helped many companies (private, commercial & government) get their boat/s passed through the complex survey process, in as little as 2 weeks. We work closely with experienced, local marine surveyors who are very familiar with the Boat Collars and know all AMSA's requirements.

Give us a call today for a chat. If we can't help you directly, we should be able to put you in touch with a person who can.


Step by step to acheive survey status
  • Find and contact an AMSA approved Marine Surveyor. 
    1. they will ask you questions about your boat, how you use your boat (including how much weight you carry), what zones you use your boat in (inshore/offshore etc).
  • You will need to know:
    1. the weight of your boat, empty. Drive it to a weigh-bridge & deduct the weight of the trailer from the total.
    2. the weight of your equipment that you regularly carry &/or the amount of passengers you need the boat rated for.
    3.  where your existing flotation is (if you have any), what the volume is, how old it is, and what sort foam/flotation it is.
  • Your surveyor, with all that information, will calculate how much buoyancy foam you need to meet the required survey class number & area code.
  • We, with this buoyancy amount, can then calculate the amount of flotation the Collars give, and decide if we need to add more buoyancy to achieve the set amount.
  • You can either bring your boat to us (Nambour, Qld) for us to complete the works, or you can install the Collars yourself, or take it to a professional installer near you.
  • Once installed, the surveyor (usually) inspects the works, and gives the final tick of approval. He/she may need to do a swamp/flood test, depending on different factors.
  • The surveyor completes the masses of paperwork & submits it all to AMSA, then provides you a new builders plate, stating the boat now has LEVEL FLOTATION.

Kapten Boat Collars have passed survey every time

Kapten Boat Collars meet the strict National Standard for Commercial Vessels, and all the criteria outlined in NSCV-020, (Part C, Section 6, Subsection 6B, chapter 10).
(10.3.1 - general characteristics):
a) Impervious to water absorption
b) Structurally stable under service conditions; and
c) Chemically inert in relation to structural materials with which it is in contact or other substances with which the buoyancy component is likely to be in contact.



3.8m boat x 66kgs of flotation = 250.8kgs (or .25m3) of displaced volume received from the Collars.

4.2m boat x 66kgs of flotation = 272.2kgs (or .27m3) of displaced volume received from the Collars.

5m boat x 66kgs of flotation = 330kgs (or .33m3) of displaced volume received from the Collars.

Can't capsize the boat with the Boat Collar

*Each boat must be individually tested, since results vary due to differences in boat design, flotation requirements, etc.


Statistics show that commercial hire boats hold the highest percentage of accidents due to collisions with other vessels, customers falling overboard and accidental groundings.

No doubt this is due to the fact that many hire-boat customers are like L-plate drivers. They don't have much experience, knowing how to stop, dock, cross wakes etc, and how careful they must be when moving about the boat.


The best feature of getting a Kapten Boat Collar for level flotation, is the buoyancy is on on the outside of the hull, giving your customers/workers the safety and comfort of superior stability - both at speed and at rest, while often not needing to sacrifice any internal space for additional flotation.


With a BC Shield to protect the majority of the side of your Collar, tying up to barnacle riddled pylons or hoisting crab pots, won't destroy your Collar.

The capping is made from 3mm pressed alloy, and pressed to suit the shape of the Collars.

Available in 2 sizes, depending on your size of boat &/or work area, we have 1.2m lengths & 2.4m lengths (as shown).

Occasionally the BC Shield will need to be spliced to help it twist & rise with the Collar, if it needs it.

4.5m Stessl, plate, commercial to survey, with 2.4m L BC shield

Kapten Boat Collars and our fitting method have been approved by marine surveyors, naval engineers, ship inspectors and naval architects.


(Maritime Safety Victoria website)

List of AMSA approved Marine Surveyors who know the Collars

This list is in no-way exhaustive of the surveyors who've passed the Collars, and if you're a surveyor who know the Collars & would like your name on this list, please contact us with your details.


  1. Stephen Earp. Located at Coolum, Sunshine Coast, SE Qld.
    • Ph: 0418 881 103.
  2. Mike Ebsworth. Located at Buderim, Sunshine Coast, SE Qld.
    • Ph: 0400 333 223.
  3. Nick Lockyer. Located at Coomera, Gold Coast, SE Qld.
    • Ph: 0449 247 525
  4. Russell Ollington. Services Port Douglas to Mackay, Nth-CC Qld. (also an installer for the Collars)
    • 0417 170 553


  1. Adam Brancher. Located Blackmans Bay, SE TAS. (also an installer for the Collars)
    • Ph: 03) 6292 5783



All these commercial boats have been recognised and approved for survey due to the Kapten Boat Collar. (Only listing a few)

  •  @ Tallebudgera Beach School, Tallebudgera, QLD

​- 2 x 3.7m Horizon Pathfinders
- Boats used as tenders/guide boats to little sailing yachts used by the children at the camps.

  • 1 @ Noosa Luxury Afloat (Houseboat Hire), Noosa, QLD

- 4m alloy boat
- Boat used as a tender to a rent-a house boat and is the only one in their fleet that never sinks when filled with rain.

  • 4 @ Aluminium Boats Australia (Transit Systems), Gladstone, QLD

- 4 x 4.2m fibreglass boats
- Boats are the life-rafts for the large catamaran ferries that transport employees.

  • 4 @ Ulverstone Tasmania Water Supply, Ulverstone, TAS

- 2 x 3m punts + 2 x 3.5m punts.
- Boats used by employees on sewage treatment dams

  • 1 @ Club Crocodile, Long Island Resort, QLD

- 4.2m Ally Craft.
- Boat used to transport guests around the island, and transport supplies to & from resort. (Was able to increase load capacity to include 1 more person - see review below).

  • 1 @ Deep Blue Charters, Sydney, NSW

- 4.6m Stessl, runabout.
- Boat used to transport customers to and from the large wooden fishing/charter vessel

  • 1 @ Swan River Cruise, Perth, WA

- 3m Savage.
- Boat used as life-boat to the big cruise boat.

  • 1 @ Bundaberg Dredges, Bundaberg, QLD

- 4.15m Sea Jay "Red Dog".
- Boat used to transport workers to and from dredges, and depth soundings in river.

  • 1 @ Dellow Marine, Rockhampton, QLD

- 4.5m Brooker.
- Boat used for salvage work.

  • 1 @ Luxury Afloat Houseboats, Brooklyn, NSW

- 4.5m Hinton, fibreglass.
-Boat is used as tender to house boat. Gunwale fit.

  • 1 @ Sydney Shark Nets, Carlingford, NSW.

- 4.5m Ally Craft Tank, 3mm plate.
- Boat is used as a tender to steel yacht. Gunwale fit.

- 2 x 3m Polycraft Tuff Tenders.
- Boats used as day-hire boats

  • ​1 @ Professional crabber, Agnus Waters, QLD

-4m Clark.
- Boat is used as a pro-crabbing boat. Needed extra flotation due to boat not effectively having any buoyancy.

  • 1 @ Hawkesbury River Charters, Eleebana, NSW

-3m tinnie.
- boat used as tender to hire motor yacht.

  • 1 @ Advanteering Engineering, Perth, WA

​-6m Quintrex, centre console.
- boat used as workboat, against and around pylons & ships.

  • 5 @ Tanga Tours, Tangalooma Resort, QLD.

-5 x 3.75m Stacer Seasprite boats.

-Used as hire boats for customers - who love them and business is booming.

  • 1 @ Greening Australia, Rockhampton, QLD.

-1 x 3.85m SeaJay flat nose punt workboat.

-used in creeks & rivers to monitor freshwater turtle populations & health

Boarding a stable small boat
Boarding a stable boat is made so easy.
International customer
Sitting to the side of a previously tippy boat - now in stable comfort.
Even taking waves/wake the "wrong" way is safer and easier with a Kapten Boat Collar
Even taking waves/wake the "wrong" way is safer and easier with a Kapten Boat Collar
Kapten Boat Collar for a stable tinnie
Boarding a 4.2 tinnie that's as stable as a catamaran
Level flotation for tenders - makes a small boat into a lifeboat.

Two harder layers make your Boat Collar hard-wearing

"It is worth noting that the [4.2m Allycraft) is in survey for 5 people, one more than the boat compliance plate states [due to the Boat Collar]. The boat now has dramatically improved stability. In fact [the stability] is more like a tri hull and, as I have previously owned one, that is not a claim made lightly.

"Underway into a head sea the vessel has transformed to a point that it is like a much bigger boat in terms of banging and traditional tinny behaviour. [The Boat Collar] provides a much more comfortable ride that is unbelievably dry due to the design aspects.

"In a large following sea the transformation is equally pronounced, with the vessel maintaining a far more consistent running angle. Especially as you approach the backs of larger swells, the end result being that the bow shows no tendency to plough, but just lift. Thus providing a much safer and predictable ride, the upside being that fuel consumption is also reduced due to the fact that less boat needs to be pushed through the water."

Review from Club Crocodile

club croc have a Boat Collar

Review from a QLD Tourist Park Ranger

Ranger Geoff in his boat with certified level flotation
Ranger Geoff in his boat with certified level flotation

"The performance of the Boat Collar has been outstanding. I have been out on the Broadwater in really rough conditions with a strong southerly blowing (something I would not attempt previously) and made it across to the shops at Runaway Bay bone dry. No more broaching and no more spray in the face.

"I would like to mention two incidents that have really proven the worth of having a Boat Collar . . . The second incident happened on the way back from a shopping trip to Runaway Bay . . . I saw a head bobbing up and down. I went across [in my 4.2m Quintrex Dory] to investigate and found a kite surfer who had run out of wind and was stuck treading water in the channel. To get him on board, I asked him to grab the boat with his left hand, place his foot on the Boat Collar, and  I grabbed his right hand. It was easy to lift him up and in, and the boat didn't tilt sideways at all. We retrieved his kite and board, and I returned him to the beach where his worried friends were waiting for him. They had phoned VMR, and their rescue boat had just arrived at the same beach with yet another stranded kits surfer. At least I saved them another search, as this guy would have been hard to find in the dark, especially in that channel . . . I firmly believe that every tinny should have a Boat Collar fitted."

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