4.5 metre runabout: “No more diving into waves or big boat wake”

The Kapten Boat Collar is the best investment towards my family and friends (and my own) safety… I installed it all by myself and it was easy to follow your instructions. My first trip out was an eye opener, the last time I felt this safe was 10 years ago when I still had a 6 man rubber duck.

Let me tell you about all the benefits I found since installing the KAPTEN boat collar. No more diving into waves or big boat wake — it lifts me up and over every wave. I can walk on the gunwale to the front deck to drop or pull in the anchor … no spray over the boat, the massive reverse chine pushes all the water back down.

The boat had a quirk of running high [in] the water (lifting up) on port side while going straight, even after I moved the two batteries over to port. IT’S GONE! It runs very, very level now.

“LALA” is more stable than the 6 man duck I used to own, and it is perfect for fishing…

Unlike the duck, it can’t blow down!

GREAT PRODUCT, and I wish you well.

Fred Els.

P.S. Feel free to give my phone number to those who want to talk to me. 0427 778 781

Self fitted Regular Collar
Feb 2011
Brisbane, QLD

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