3.1m Mantacraft tender: “My little boat is now so steady”

“The Collar has easily increased the carrying capacity and safety level of my 3.1m Manta-craft aluminium dinghy since I fitted it myself in 2012.

“My dinghy is a tender to my 25ft fibreglass South Coast yacht, and it’s now so stable and buoyant, I can easily take 3 adults, plus my friends Doberman dog, as well as our supplies all in one.  It would take me two trips before just to get everyone ashore!

3.1 metre Mantacraft made very stable with a Kapten Boat Collar

“My little boat is now so steady, I can stand in the back corner of the transom! Being a small tender, I’ve still got the easy storage and manoeuvrings of a 3.1m boat but with the stability and buoyancy of a much larger dinghy.

“The Collar protects the yacht from being damaged by my tinnie for the most part, but I think if I’d fitted the Collar at the gunwale it would protect it 100%, but as I wanted the tinnie more stable, I chose to fit the Collar at the chine instead. The Collar still helps keep the tinnie away from the yacht, but it does occasionally bump my yacht. But I don’t mind.

“As I mentioned earlier, I put the Collar on myself and found the instructions straight forward and easy to follow.

“I’m very happy with the improved performance of my dinghy and definitely recommend it to others who want a safer and more stable tender.”

Self-fitted Mini Collar in 2012.
Reviewed March 2014.
3.1m Mantacraft (aluminium) – used on a trailer and for a tender to yacht.
Gympie, QLD.

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