3.75m Quintrex Dart: “No pounding or broaching … at 21 knots”

Well as the expression goes, “it’s the best thing since sliced bread”.

I run a business in Canberra – ACT Inflatable Lifejacket Services – and I am very safety conscious as to the wearing and servicing of inflatable PFD’s.

As a result I fitted Collars to my 3.75m Quintrex Dart. I bought this style of boat for the extra freeboard it gives you especially in croc country. Unfortunately you lose out on stability due to the hull design. The Collars were fitted a few weeks ago, and I finally got to test the boat out on Lake Eucumbene NSW last Friday.

Just boarding the vessel is a lot safer now, as can be seen from the photos. There was no way I could stand on the seat or in the corner of the boat without the fear of falling in the water.

I troll with a down-rigger and for me to lean over the port side of the boat to recover the weight, I only had 150mm of freeboard. Now I have nearly 300mm – twice the safety margin.

I run a 20hp Yamaha and now get onto the plane at just 7 knots. Prior to this it was around 9 knots. Once on plane, I back off to half throttle and cruise on 17 knots. Before that I was lucky to be doing 12 knots!

Last Friday, I fished Eucumbene and as usual it started out to be a perfect day (but very cold) and as the day progressed it got a little choppier. The boat handled this with ease. No pounding or broaching and that was travelling at 21 knots.

I would like to thank Pat, Nyomi and Megan for all the support prior to and after the fitting of the Kapten Boat Collars. If anyone would like to discuss the fitting or performance of my vessel I can be contacted on 0400078770 or email: alan@lifejacketservicing.com.au.


Alan Hocking BM

 3.75m Quintrex Dart.

Regular Collar

Self fit.

Feb 2015

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