We have tried to keep all our policies and procedures as fair, ethical and moral as possible, for both parties. If you feel unfairly treated in any decision of ours, please let us know, so we may look at our policies again, and consider if changes should be made, or allow us the opportunity to explain our decision making.

Thank you kindly,

- Boat Collar team.


Before Collar received/fitted:

All deposits or monies paid are fully refundable (100%) if... they are cancelled for any reason before works have started (varies a lot, so please check at time of purchase), or within 30-days of payment, if you've been added to a queue, or the lead time is longer than 30-days.

If works have started on your kit or Collar, or if after the 30-day deadline, there will be a $50 cancellation fee deducted from total of monies paid.

You can phone us and cancel your order, but we prefer if you do put it in writing and also provide your bank details for the refund. We understand accidents happen, ill health gets in the way, or you just need the funds returned. Life happens, and we won't argue, but... if your decision is based on ab incorrect understanding or expectation of the Collar, we'll more than likely state the facts and offer you the chance to change your mind. If you'd still like to cancel, of course it's your choice.

Whichever applies from the above, and once you've cancelled the order, the refund of monies paid will be completed by us within 48 hours, and will be deposited into your chosen bank via online bank transfer. We do not refund back onto your Visa/Mastercard.

We will require your bank details (BSB, Account Number, and bank name) to complete the transfer. We will then email you the remittance as proof of refund.

After Collar received/fitted:


Refund due to the damage during transport?

If the box is damaged during transport, please contact us straight away and do not open until photos have been taken of the box from all angles.

The box is very strong, and is designed to take a beating (instead of the contents), and 9 times out of 10, the Collar inside is just fine.

We are happy to work with you if the Collar did sustain some damage. Most times the damage is repairable or will be hidden once fitted & installed, and we can advise how the damaged area will appear or affect the fitting once we receive your photos. But if the damage will be visible and a concern to you, we can discuss remuneration to compensate.

If any hardware is missing from your box, or accidentally not been included ex-factory, please let us know ASAP so we can post them to you straight away (no charge to you).


Not happy after installation & want a refund?

(page currently under construction... please call us to discuss)



All orders must be completed within 6-months of initial deposit, or full-amount paid, unless an in-house agreement has been made. We are happy to work with you and your time-frame (within reason).

All efforts will be made to complete your order within 6-months, but open communication is required.

If we don't receive any replies despite numerous efforts of trying to communicate with you (email &/or phone), as the 6-month completion time approaches, we will try one last time and provide the following information:

  1. If no communication is received  from you before or at the 6-month dead-line, we will have to cancel your order, and try and arrange a refund.
    • a. Once cancelled, your deposit/funds are held in trust for a further 30-days. It is up to you to contact us and provide bank details etc for the refund to be completed.
    • b. If you don't contact us, and still no communication is received, your deposit will be forfeited and accepted as a generous donation/gift to the company.


If you've suffered damage to your Collar during use, while driving on road (on trailer), or even when it's just sitting at home (e.g. tree fell on it), and you'd like our help to know how best to repair it, please send us as much information as possible.

We need to know:

  1. When you purchased it/how old it is.
  2. Did you install it yourself at home? If not, who installed it & where?
  3. If damaged when it use, we need a description of the performance you experienced beforehand, since installing the Collar, and any changes.
  4. If damaged when it use, what were the conditions on the day like? What speed were you going? & in what direction? e.g. were you punching into it, or was it a following swell?
  5. Where is the damage located on the Collar, and were any plates/screws lost etc.?
  6. Any other relevant information.

We also need a stack of photos - including distant shots which includes the whole boat, so we can see exactly where the damage is overall, and some close-up pics, too.

If the Collar failed or suffered damage during use, we will inspect the photos to try and determine;

  1. how the Collar was installed & maintained;
    • was it fitted according to instructions & are all fixings in their correct positions?
    • were the Collar's fixings maintained correctly & regularly?
  2. was the situation/damage sustained avoidable? If so, how?
  3. did the damage occur due to unusual or rough weather conditions, reckless driving, or unforeseen/unpredictable event like freak wave or submerged object?
  4. Was the Collar faulty or the fixings at fault?

We will analyse the information and get back to you with either more questions, &/or a plan on how to move forward & repair the damage.

If the Collar or fixings are found to be at fault, and your Collar is covered by warranty (under 5m boat & within 24-months of purchase), we will discuss possible remuneration, &/or any new fixings needed  to complete the repair will be sent via post or fitted by us (at Chatsworth, Qld) at no cost to you.

If the Collar is not under warranty & not to be found faulty, the cost of any new hardware, postage or fitting/labour by us (at Chatsworth) will be charged at RRP.