Transom Foam

Additional flotation for extra heavy outboards, low transoms and commercial boats that must meet calculated Level Flotation requirements.

  • For all boat sizes.
  • Mix & match sizes (Max transom foam can go with a Mini Collar, etc).
  • Can be used as a step.
  • Fender for tenders.
  • Shaped & positioned so as not to cause drag.
  • Only available with a Boat Collar.

Price includes GST (outside Australia, remove 10%)



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If your boat isn't more stable with a Kapten Boat Collar, we give you three months to return it to us for a full refund of the purchase price!



Included: Transom Foam pair + all hardware for “inside fixings” (plates, screws, washers, Tef-Gel, drill bits, driver bits, etc).

Additional information


Mini pair (50cmL x 100W x 160H), Slim pair (65cmL x 100W x 240H), Max pair (65cmL x 140W x 240H)


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