4.2m Quintrex: “Now tracks straight no matter the swell”

“Took the family out for the day in the boat and … Kelly (my wife) immediately said how much smoother the ride was. The kids were on board and one of them ended up napping on the casting deck on the bow on the way home whilst travelling at 19kts – previously unheard of.

The boat now tracks straight no matter the swell and fighting the tiller is a thing of the past. It was a true pleasure to pilot and I didn’t have to stop halfway home to give my arm a rest. The trip was about 15nm each way.

4.2m Quintrex with Boat Collar

Mike’s 4.2m Quintrex with Boat Collar

The boat is so much dryer now. Stability is fantastic. I’m a big boy and when I used to move around the boat, the kids would have to hold on for dear life, but not any more. We anchored at a horse shoe bay and it required me to take a short swim to the boat at days end. Getting in was easy. I have a step at the stern and it was so much easier to use and absolutely much safer than before.

Coming into the river mouth at day’s end was a breeze. The afternoon swell reflects off the rock walls and it turns into a veritable washing machine fraught with danger. The boat tracked true, and it was a real non-event.  I am SO pleased with the collar. The safety it provides me and my family is just what the doctor ordered.

Thank you Pat,
Mike N.

Self fitted Regular Collar
5 July 2012
4.2m Quintrex
Townsville, Qld

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