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Brent tests his 3.7m Quintrex Dart, before & after the Boat Collar.
Steve talks about his 4.35m Allycraft fwd steer runabout, now that it has a Boat Collar. >>


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4m Sniper with Boat Collar

4m Sniper: “Now I can turn sharply on the plane”

“Before fitting the boat collar, our 4 metre Alloy boat was very unstable and any shift of weight of the center line or unbalanced weight would cause the boat to tilt down to the gunwale. Very Dangerous. It limited the amount of passengers we could take with us fishing and crabbing and if we did…

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Stacer 3.8 with transom foam

3.8m Stacer: “I’d take the tinny anywhere with the Collar on”

​ “Boat Collar is awesome. Exceeds expectation. At full-speed, I turned [the tiller] so hard, it’s all I could do to hang on, as the boat just stayed flat and cut brilliantly.”Chop turned to smooth on the way to Maroochy Mouth, and it was gusting to 41km/h at test time. Stable stationary and under way. Bow…

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4.8m Express Zephyr

4.8m Express Zephyr with Boat Collar: “Stability…improved immensely”

“The results were fantastic! SO much stability [sic] now. Even when 3 onboard plus a toddler (that’s trust) moved to one side of the boat, there was hardly any tilt or movement. ​Freedom to move around the boat without movement was such a relief. Even when only 2 were aboard, previously, it was like ‘musical chairs’ to keep the balance. Getting…

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3.7m Stacer was the first dinghy she drove

3.7m Stacer tender: “First time driving a dinghy, and she felt safe”

Attached is the photo of my wife driving our 3.7m Stacer fitted with a Kapten Boat Collar. We are 9kms east of Dirk Hartog Island, heading for Denham townsite another 30kms east. Jo drove all the way with support from our 7m [mother-boat]. It was her first time driving a dinghy, and she felt safe.…

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3.7m Quintrex Dart with a Kapten Boat Collar

3.7m Quintrex Dart with Boat Collar: “The stability is beyond all expectations”

Well the boat had it’s maiden voyage today up at Wivenhoe dam and we are absolutely rapt with the difference your collar has made. The boat now feels like an eighteen-foot boat at the very least and the stability is beyond all expectations. I am attaching a photo and once again Many thanks to Pat…

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3.6m DeHavilland tender: “I could not be more happy with the result your Collar has made”

Your product would have to rank with the great inventions of all time. It has transformed my fairly ordinary Tender into a SUPER TENDER (sometimes I do exaggerate a little).All the same, I could not be more happy with the result your Collar has made to the stability and handling of my little tinny. Michael…

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550 Savage Cobia: “With the collar … no worries!!”

I took the boat out for sea trials in Morton Bay with a strong South easterly at about 20 knots the sea was about 600  to 700 mm chop and I travelled straight in to it. Normally I would have to slow down so I would not have the spray into my face!! With the collar…

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3 metre tinnie tender with Boat Collar: “Improved our day to day life”

So we have opted not to have an inflatable life raft onboard Aquabat, and there are many reasons for this. We did not make this decision lightly and knew with Dingbat (the tender) being our back-up boat, essentially our liferaft, we would need to add some reinforcements to her to make her extra safe should…

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6 metre fibreglass Hooker with Kapten Boat Collar

6 metre fibreglass Hooker: “I wish I’d put the Collar on years ago”

We ended up fitting the Collar early in the new year and WOW! What a difference to the boat. No more sideways lean while travelling at speed and the collar cuts the spray back down even with a strong side wind so she’s a much dryer boat. And at rest the stability is awesome. It…

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4.05m Quintrex Make II

4.05m Quintrex Make II: “[now] feels solid on the water”

  Boat is great! Just as you said it would be. Great safe turning and feels solid on the water.  Thanks for all your help & fitting advice. ​ Pierce. Emu Plains, NSW. 4.05m Quintrex Make II (1973).  June 2014 Self-fitted (Regular Collar along chine)

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3.75m Quintrex Dart: “No pounding or broaching … at 21 knots”

Well as the expression goes, “it’s the best thing since sliced bread”. I run a business in Canberra – ACT Inflatable Lifejacket Services – and I am very safety conscious as to the wearing and servicing of inflatable PFD’s. As a result I fitted Collars to my 3.75m Quintrex Dart. I bought this style of…

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Can't capsize the boat with the Boat Collar

4.2m Quintrex Dory: “No more broaching and no more spray in the face”

First of all I am extremely happy with my purchase of your 4.2m Dory “surf boat.” It now happily lives with me on South Stradbroke Island. The performance of the Boat Collar has been outstanding. I have been out on the Broadwater in really rough conditions with a strong southerly blowing (something I would not…

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3m Bluefin Tinoo (roof-topper, with Kapten Boat Collar.

Narrow 3m Bluefin Tinoo: “[now] we can both lean over the same side and wash our hands!”

“I took the boat out yesterday on Lake Somerset again, and couldn’t wait to tell you how good our little boat is now. My wife said, “it’s a completely different boat altogether.” “The Bluefin Tinoo’s are a very narrow roof-topper, and are more of an aluminium canoe than a dinghy, but the boat is easy…

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379 Stacer Proline

379 Stacer Proline: “improved stability and a much improved, softer ride”

“I have a nice fibreglass boat at home, but I can not take it and the Caravan away together with me on trips. So I purchased a car-topper tinny to take away on trips. All of a sudden, I found myself operating a boat that is very limited [to where I can go] & a touch unstable. With…

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3.1m Mantacraft tender: “My little boat is now so steady”

“The Collar has easily increased the carrying capacity and safety level of my 3.1m Manta-craft aluminium dinghy since I fitted it myself in 2012. “My dinghy is a tender to my 25ft fibreglass South Coast yacht, and it’s now so stable and buoyant, I can easily take 3 adults, plus my friends Doberman dog, as…

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4.8m Stacer capsized, but he can now say, “The stability of my boat is fantastic”

“My 4.8m boat is well designed with good high sides, but it still got swamped by a wave and capsized, despite the seas being relatively calm that day. [After my ordeal] I watched the website’s videos of Pat surfing his dinghy at Maroochydore bar, and I thought, ‘yep, I want my boat to be able…

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3.9m Stessl AFTER Boat Collar

3.9m Stessl before & after – dangerously tippy, to stable & safe

“At last I have fitted the Kapten Boat Collar to our boat. WHAT a difference! We think we have a new boat altogether. The boat is so much more stable and gives a much smoother ride, and it turns like a sports car. I have enclosed some photos of before and after. Thank you for…

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4.2m Cruisecraft Rouge (fibreglass).

4.2m Cruisecraft Rouge (fibreglass) “I can [now] take any waves, at any angle, no worries”

“The Boat Collar has improved the performance of my fibreglass boat so much, it’s like a completely different boat. The stability is so good; it’s seriously like my dad’s 27 Hydrofeild tri-hull in the water. “I wanted to test the Boat Collar, so I took the boat out on Port Phillip Bay, which gets dangerously…

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2 metre fibreglass tender: “Can [now] sit or stand on one side and it will not tip over”

“Please find attached photos of your Collar fitted to my 2m fiberglass dinghy. It was a 100% success as you can see, you can sit or stand on one side and it will not tip over. It (the collar) does not affect the speed, and with two persons you have peace of mind when entering…

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415 Horizon Easy Fisher Pro

4.15m Horizon Easy Fisher Pro: “Much better handling”

“Hi Pat, “Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you about my boat collar and what I think of it, but it’s taken us this long to get the boat in the water. WE LOVE IT !!!!!!! Stability, up on the plane almost instantly and much better handling.   “We are well…

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3.1 horizon pathfinder

3.1m Horizon Pathfinder: “Planes much faster [now] and with less throttle”

“Hi Megan, I finally put my new tinnie to use on Friday/Saturday. It is a whole new experience. It is like riding a tricycle. You just can’t lean into the corners anymore. The stability is excellent to say the least. The ride is very dry. It planes much faster and with less throttle. There is no backwash over the transom…

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4.2m Brooker: “The comfort, stability and handling has improved dramatically”

“Dear Pat and Megan, We have successfully installed the Boat Collar and took it out for a test run into St Georges Basin and believe it or not, I thought I was in a new boat. The improvement to the handling exceeded my expectations, the comfort, stability and handling has improved dramatically. We are now…

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Boat Collar on 5.2m boat

5.2m boat in croc country: “The boat used to be so tippy”

“I’m a keen fisherman up here in croc country, and I enjoy getting out on the water as often as I can – sometimes four times a week when the weather is good. I’ve got a 5 metre aluminium plate, side console boat and though I’m not a great swimmer, who wants to go swimming…

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4.2m Quintrex with Boat Collar

4.2m Quintrex: “Now tracks straight no matter the swell”

“Took the family out for the day in the boat and … Kelly (my wife) immediately said how much smoother the ride was. The kids were on board and one of them ended up napping on the casting deck on the bow on the way home whilst travelling at 19kts – previously unheard of. The boat…

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4.2m Stessco Catcher

4.2m Stessco Catcher: “The tinny slap has gone”

“After seeing your advert for the Kapten Boat Collar, I thought this may be something worth checking out. It has been the best improvement I have made – and by a long way, too. I have not had the boat outside the Gold Coast Broadwater yet so cannot comment on its performance at sea. However, I…

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3.9m Seasprite: “Extremely comfortable in any choppy sea”

Hi Pat, Without a doubt your Boat Collar is one of the best, yet simple innovations that I have used in over 50 years on the ocean. My… 3.9m Seasprite has [been] made… virtually unsinkable… The ride has improved so much that we never get spray over us, and the cushion of air generated underneath…

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Jacqui in her 3.9 Haines

3.9m Haines: “The Boat Collar just glided thru the water and kept the spray back”

Hi Pat. Well, mate, finally got to go out in the boat the other night and let me tell you she was not a calm night, so off we set from Fisherman’s Island boat ramp and into the Brisbane river with a good 15 knots pushing me. The swells were coming fast and thick, but…

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4.5 metre runabout: “No more diving into waves or big boat wake”

The Kapten Boat Collar is the best investment towards my family and friends (and my own) safety… I installed it all by myself and it was easy to follow your instructions. My first trip out was an eye opener, the last time I felt this safe was 10 years ago when I still had a 6 man…

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club croc have a Boat Collar

4.2m commercial-use Allycraft: “A much safer and predictable ride”

Hello Pat. It is worth noting that [our] vessel is in survey for 5 people, one more than the boat compliance plate states. The boat has dramatically improved stability. In fact it is fair to say that from a stability perspective it is more like a tri hull and, as I have previously owned and extensively…

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4.2m Quintrex Busta: “Can’t believe the difference in the handling”

Hi Pat Can’t believe the difference in the handling of my little boat now with the boat collar. I took my wife and two kids for the first sea trial yesterday arvo, and from the [start], just boarding the boat the kids didn’t do the usual, and fly across the boat just because I [was]…

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