550 Savage Cobia: “With the collar … no worries!!”

I took the boat out for sea trials in Morton Bay with a strong South easterly at about 20 knots the sea was about 600  to 700 mm chop and I travelled straight in to it. Normally I would have to slow down so I would not have the spray into my face!! With the collar … no worries!!
At 25 klm per hour not a problem at all, even when the sets were at about 3 meters apart. On the way back with the sea behind and following, not a problem, 30 klm no worries.

My boat is approx 17 foot, however since I installed the collar it feels like it is a 20 foot boat!! I am a retired Plumber, and I believe you should always thank people if you can, and if a product is good you should praise the product. I think this is a brilliant concept that has made my boat almost unsinkable and made my boat a better boat.

Neil G. –  Samford, QLD.
550 Savage Cobia.
March 2015
Self-fitted (Regular Collar along chine)

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  1. Shane on December 1, 2023 at 3:07 am

    How was the stability at rest

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