External & internal fixings of Kapten Boat Collar


External fixings are what helps make Kapten Boat Collars so versatile, so they can be fitted to a wide range of different boats.

External fixings (or plates) are the visible plates that are fitted onto the outside of the Collar. These plates add extra strength, as they squeeze the Collar toward the boat and reinforce the foam. They're also needed if internal access to the hull is not available.

Excludes most light tenders over 3.5 with small outboards (if the Collar is to double as a fender).


  • Aluminium plates: shaped, painted and countersunk.
  • 120 &/or 150mm stainless steel bugle batten screws.
  • Hex head driver bit.
  • 5mm long series drill bit.
  • An extra 150mm screw to be used as a guide screw to start the thread on the fixing.

If you have bench seats, you also get:

  • nylon dome washers +
  • 6.5mm extra long drill bit series for the "guide hole" through the internal plate.

From $10/plate (incl fixings)

Includes GST

Transport included with your Boat Collar.


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