Max Collar with flatbar and BC shield


For boats up-to and over 5 metres. Only to be used down the rear, straighter sides of boats, as it won't curve up and twist with your Boat Collar.


  • Flat-bar in required size/length. roughed up and painted (so paint adheres).
  • Not countersunk, as the internal plate positions will vary boat to boat.
  • Enough stainless steel bugle batten screws for a fixing every 300mm.
  • Hex head driver bit.
  • Long series drill bits.


GST incl.

For boats around 5 metres:

Flat-bar kit @ 6mm x 100mm - $190/pair.

For boats 5+ metres:

Flat-bar kit @ 6mm x 125mm - $220/pair

Only for very strong & heavy boats:

Flat-bar kit @ 6mm x 160mm - $280/pair

NOTE: This heavy-duty flat-bar is necessary for the chemi-weld method of installation.


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