Intermediate size, for boats up to 3.6m long, that want more flotation than a Mini Collar, but have width restrictions so can't have the width of a Max Collar.

Included: Collar pair + all hardware for "inside fixings" (plates, screws, washers, Tef-Gel, drill bits, driver bits, etc).

  • Displaces 48kg of water per metre of boat length, 50% more volume than a Mini Collar.
  • Can be fitted on boats up to 3.6m only.
  • One hard outer layer of foam, for durability.
  • One hard inner layer of foam, for fitting strength.
  • UV protected.
  • Lifespan of 10+ years.
  • 24 month manufacturers warranty.

100mm W x 240mm H

(Collars can vary in dimensions up to 10%)


Kit sizes are based on the centreline measurement length of your boat.
Prices in AUD & excludes GST
Excludes transport, fitting and outside plates if required.

NOTE: your Boat Collar may require external fixings, depending on the size of your boat and outboard.


ORDER NOW: (07) 5481 6133

Hardware assembled and wrapped.
Collar hand routed, cut & shaped to suit your boat.
Detailed instructions & fitting video links via email.
Collar boxed for transport.

This is not a 'one-size-fits-all' product.

After getting information about your boat, we can then determine what size of Collar and what strength of fixings you'll need, and send you an itemised, custom quote.

When you order, your blank Collar lengths are cut to length and routed to fit your boat's particular shape.

If you choose to self-fit, your hardware kit is assembled for your boat. It contains everything you'll need to install your Collar, except glue for the plates, which we can't legally post.

If you require delivery, your Collar kit is assembled into a heavy-duty box, and your delivery address is hand-written on it, just in case the connote sticker comes off during transport.

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