379 Stacer Proline: “improved stability and a much improved, softer ride”

“I have a nice fibreglass boat at home, but I can not take it and the Caravan away together with me on trips. So I purchased a car-topper tinny to take away on trips. All of a sudden, I found myself operating a boat that is very limited [to where I can go] & a touch unstable. With safety in mind, I felt uncomfortable taking my wife or my grand-kids fishing in this small vessel the way it was.

Stacer Proline with Kapten Boat Collar for stability

Rear-loader working smoothly to lift the boat onto the roof.

“Since having the BC fitted, I’ve found that:

“The Collar doesn’t compromise the performance of the boat when it is on plane. It still cuts through the water as it was designed to, only, with improved stability and a much improved, softer ride if it becomes choppy.
It now handles like a much larger vessel with the wider beam.
It has improved the stability at anchor so much, it is hard to imagine why all tinnies aren’t built like this initially.
I now use this vessel with confidence.
Moving around the boat isn’t a drama any more.
I have confidence that no matter what the circumstances, the vessel will still float.
I thank you.
Best wishes,

Factory Fitted Regular collar
379 Stacer Proline
April 2014
Adelaide, SA (fitted while here on holidays)
Note: Due to the narrowed bow section of the Stacer Proline design, the Collar was ended short, with a Wrapped Bow design.

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