1. Kapten Boat Collar does not verbally record or write down any credit card numbers when you pay over the phone.
  2. There is no paper trail of credit card numbers in our office.
  3. Credit card facilities are in the office for payments in person.


  1. Kapten Boat Collars are made to order shortly after purchase, but we allow for a 48 hour cooling off period. The 48 hours is valid for business days (so if you pay on a Friday and change your mind on Saturday, you have until Monday to notify us).
  2. For this reason, Kapten Boat Collars are posted 48 hours after payment, unless requested.
  3. If faster postage/transport is requested by the customer, they agree that the 48 hour cooling off period no longer applies.
  4. Once a Kapten Boat Collar product leaves the Boat Collar premises for transport, no refund can be issued.
  5. For refunds of faulty products, please see the warranty page.
  6. To request a refund during the 48 hours after purchase, email info@boatcollar.com.au or phone (07)5441 3636 during Queensland office hours.


Please refer to the warranty page.


  1. The transport of Boat Collar products are covered by the insurance of Kapten Boat Collars.
  2. Transport takes from 2 days after leaving the factory in Nambour, QLD.


  1. Boats left at Kapten Boat Collars are protected by the insurance of the Kapten Boat Collar property, should any damage occur.
  2. Total of invoice for fitted Boat Collars must be paid before removal of boat from premises.
  3. Kapten Boat Collars reserves the right to hold boats until invoice is paid in full.